Why You Don’t Need Insurance For Mobile Imaging

Apr 29, 2021 | Mobile Imaging | 0 comments

Why You Don't Need Insurance For Mobile Imaging

Medical screenings are an essential part of your daily life. Getting them done in the comfort of your own home can make them even easier. Rather than going from doctor to doctor to get referrals and appointments for the ultrasounds and echo screenings you need, you can schedule one appointment that comes directly to you. This lets you get the screenings you need and simplifies the process greatly. 

There are two primary concerns when it comes to patients getting ultrasound screenings. 

Many patients don’t like the idea of going to doctor’s offices or hospitals and having to wait for long hours amongst many other patients. Not only does this take a long time, but it also puts their health at risk by being around other people in a closed environment. After all, doctor’s offices are where sick people go to get help. This is made exceedingly worse with issues like the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Mobile Imaging helps to solve this issue by bringing the technology in a portable format directly to your door and inside your home. You’ll also only need to interact with just the personnel needed to provide your screening, and they all have the highest in safety training, including Covid safety. You can also expect excellent personalized service and trained diagnostics experts to make sure that your results are accurate every time. 

The second issue is one that is part of many medical procedures, and imaging is no exception. That is the cost. Getting insurance approvals is often a rigorous process of doctor visits, referrals, and approvals. This can mean hours or days of time wasted. Waiting weeks on a referral and even longer for your insurance to approve the procedure. Even if you get the procedure approved, you may still have to wait for an appointment at a medical center. 

Insurance approvals aside, you may still face a bill for screenings even with insurance, and once you file a claim with the insurance company, your rates may rise as a result. This can end up costing you more money than the screening itself. 

What folks may not understand is that much of the cost of imaging tests has to do with the fact that they are tied to doctor’s offices and major medical centers. Often, you are paying for a doctor visit combined with a specialist and the imaging screening and other personnel expenses, all of which have been overpriced to cover the cost of running a major medical practice. 

While it is true that medical procedures do cost money, they often aren’t as expensive as you are led to believe. When you go the traditional route for imagining screenings, the cost can become more than some patients can bear. 

That’s another problem that mobile imaging solves and one you’ll be glad to know. Mobile Imaging is not nearly as expensive as traditional imaging appointments, and no insurance is necessary. Mobile imaging offers upfront pricing and no hidden fees or surcharges. You can certainly go the insurance route if you prefer, but the costs are much lower, thanks to how the process works. 

You make the appointment and never leave your home. So when you pay for the screening, you’re not paying for doctor’s visits, specialists, the costs of going to a clinic or medical center, or all those other fees. You’re paying for just the cost of the machine for the time you’re in it and the time of the personnel involved in providing your screening: no surprises, no upcharges, just flat pricing. What you see is what you get. This makes paying for the screenings you need simple, quick, and painless. 

There’s much less paperwork this way, and even out of pocket, the cost is likely less than those pricey insurance premiums. You can even book your appointment the same day in most cases, so no need for long waits on approvals or worrying about what’s in your coverage network. 

When you’re ready to get the ultrasound or echo screening you need, try mobile imaging screenings today.


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