How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

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How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

No one wants to deal with the headaches and expense of putting on a new roof. Sometimes it’s okay to just patch some damaged areas and make a few repairs to your roof to prolong the lifespan. However, you want to know when it’s really time to replace your roof before you end up with more than just roof issues. Failure to replace a roof when it’s time could cause all sorts of significant household problems, from leaks and mold to structural weakness and drainage issues. 

This post is here to help you with some of the signs of when it’s time to replace your roof. 


The Roof Has Lived Beyond Its Useful Age 


With new materials coming out all the time, many roofs can last longer than ever. For more traditional roofs, though, there is a definite lifespan for the materials and going far beyond that increases the risk of significant issues. You can expect a standard roof to last between 10 and 20 years, depending on weather conditions, proper care, and other outside factors. While some composite materials can last much longer, a lot of the lifespan of your roof is outside of your control. 

Routine cleaning and maintenance will help improve the lifespan of your roof. Still, at a certain point, materials will begin to degrade to the point where a complete replacement is necessary. If your roof is at or past this point, it is essential to contact a professional and get started on a new roof right away. If you’re unsure about the exact age of your roof or the lifespan of the materials, a simple inspection from a certified roofer can tell you where you’re at and what to expect. 


You Start to Notice Interior Leaks 


This one should be obvious and is a dead giveaway that it is past time for you to replace your roof. If you notice leaks in your attic or into the interior of walls in your home, then the leak is likely coming directly from the roof. 

Failure to notice this can not only compromise your attic and insulation, but severe leaks that drain into your walls can damage sheetrock, wood, and even the electrical wiring of your home. This means a somewhat expensive but necessary fix to a problem can turn into a disaster for your whole home. It’s important, even if you notice slight signs of leaking, to act right away. Get in touch with a professional and cover your roof to prevent further damage and further leaks. 


General Signs of Damage 


There are a number of basic signs that your roof has seen better days besides it starting to rain inside your house. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to get started on a roof replacement. 

Patches of cracked or broken shingles or granules of clay or other materials can be fixed, but if you start to see this in many spots all at once, then it’s time to replace the whole roof. Large patches of damage can indicate a compromised roof, and in the long run, it’s better to replace it than try to fix each spot of damage. 

Warping is another sign that something is wrong. Even the shingles are still whole. If the shape has started to warp, that means the integrity of the roof is at risk, and you could have a hole or a leak any day. There’s really no way to fix warped shingles, so you’d have to replace the entire section anyway. If you notice this happening a lot, first-order an inspection to determine the cause, then work towards a roof replacement. 

If you’re just plain missing patches of roofing and the bare plywood is exposed in spots, you’re likely going to need to replace the whole roof. Patching in new shingles or tiles may help to cover the holes, but it likely won’t change the damage to the rest of the existing roof, and you may have a severe underlying issue. In these cases, a replacement is a better option. 

Lastly, one of the biggest signs of damage and the need for a roof replacement is if portions of your roof actually sag. This is a sign that the boards underneath your shingles or tiles have been compromised, and it’s time to have the whole roof inspected, new support put in, and a new roof laid on top. If you notice this type of issue, contact a professional roofer immediately. 


Final Thoughts 


These are just a few of some of the major signs that it’s time for a roof replacement. If you notice one of these or other signs that your roof is damaged and beyond just simple repairs, contact a professional roofer and see about getting a new roof today.


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