How to Tell if a Tree is Damaged or About to Fall

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How to Tell if a Tree is Damaged or About to Fall

Having trees around your home is a nice feature. They add greenery and extra detail to any home and a little bit of nature that is often greatly appreciated. Most people know that having too many trees too close to your home can be dangerous and will try to take out unnecessary trees using a tree service. 

Many times though, you want to keep a few trees around so that you have some trees in your yard to add a bit of character and for other reasons. Keeping tabs on the trees that are close to your home is very important. It can be difficult to distinguish a healthy tree that you’ve had manicured and maintained from one that may be damaged or about to fall. 

This post is here to help you determine the health of your trees and whether they are damaged or about to fall. 


Dead Branches or Holes in Your Tree


This is probably the most obvious giveaway that something is wrong with a tree. Dead branches are not only a sign that your tree is dying and may likely fall, but if you have a large tree with branches overhanging your home, patio, or vehicles, then you may have to prepare for consequences. Dead branches can hang on for quite a while before eventually falling off of a tree. 

If you notice dead branches, you’ll want to get a tree service out immediately. They will need to remove the branches and then examine the overall shape of the tree to determine if the branches were a one-off issue or a major concern. 

Holes in the trunk of your tree are another sign that the tree is ailing and at risk of falling. Holes are a much more severe sign of damage to a tree as it shows signs of internal rot and disease. Dead branches can result from overgrowth and lack of proper trimming, but holes, on the other hand, are a greater sign that your tree is dying. 


Raised Roots 


This is one that homeowners often miss because roots can be large and appear in many spots throughout the home. The fact is, if you have roots raised up out of the ground, this is a sign that your tree or trees are in poor health and maybe about to fall. 

You’d need a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the disturbed roots. There can be soil issues, pest issues, and other problems, but tree roots by themselves can be a big problem. A dead tree falling on your home, however, is a much more serious deal. 


Leaves or Bark Missing From the Trunk 


This one of the sure-fire signs that your tree has some sort of disease that may be weakening. If you notice that the leaves that grow closest to the trunk of your tree are falling off, going dead, or just not growing, this is a sign the tree is not getting enough nutrients and is dying. 

Another sign is if the trunk of the tree has bald spots where there should be bark and isn’t. This, too, can be a sign of disease, malnourishment, or weakness and can mean that your tree is likely to fall at any moment. A tree service or arborist can generally tell you what’s wrong and if the tree is in danger of falling and damaging your home or property. 


Branches Growing in a V or a Leaning Trunk 

These both seem like odd symptoms, but they are both signs that the tree is weakened or growing improperly and may be in danger of falling. It’s important not to mistake these issues as something that is just aesthetic. Now you know that if a tree is leaning, it’s not just crooked. It’s in bad health. V-shaped branches may look neat, but they are a sign the tree isn’t getting the right nutrients. 


Fungus or Parasites Infect Your Tree 


You would need to look carefully at your tree, but both of these are very easy to notice signs that your tree is in very bad shape. Most fungus that grows on the trunk of trees is bad for it and is a sign of disease. Much like their name suggests, carpenter ants eat wood, so an infestation is deadly to any tree. Once either of these things has afflicted one of your trees, the best solution is to have it removed. 


Final Thoughts 


Well, there you have it. Some of the more major causes of tree damage and decay can cause a tree to fall on your home and property. Now that you know the signs, you can better prepare yourself for what to do in case a tree near your house shows signs of sickness or weakness.


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